You Should Be Loving Someone…

…and that someone is you!

its always a bitter sweet time of year watching some couples be hopelessly in love during Valentine’s Day (guilty) and others completely hating the holiday due to the lack of a boo thang.

so how about you be your own boo this Valentines Day? yes, you!

living such a busy, go-getter lifestyle, it’s so easy to forget that the one person in this world we should love and cherish more than our dog anything is us. we should be caring for and treating ourselves like royalty everyday of the year so let’s start now!

here’s just a few ways to cherish yourself this Valentine’s Day..

treat yo’ self

literally the #1 way to show yourself some love this holiday is to treat yo’ self. rather than waiting for someone to spoil you with chocolates and jewels spoil yourself ma! that bag you’ve been eyeing- buy it! those shoes or that makeup palette you haven’t been able to justify purchasing- justify it with love. and pro-tip: chocolates always go on sale the day after cupid shoots his arrows so stock up on Ghirardelli and Dove while you can…


nourish yourself

you should be nourishing yourself all the time and you what that means is completely up to you. when I think of nourishing myself i think of nourishing my mind…. so I caved and got myself a ton of books.


i’ve been super into poetry lately and thanks to  my good friend amazon prime i  found some that are absolutely amazing. milk & honey by rupi kaur has been raved about by everyone including. it’s a gem in every aspect and truly a life changing read. if you haven’t read anything by r.h sin then you definitely should because HE IS ICONIC!  my all time favorite poet Christopher poindexter released a collection of romance poems just for Valentine’s Day titled Lavender and I can’t wait to bundle up and get through it.


give time to yourself

the greatest gift you could give someone is time so why not give some to yourself? you could think of this on a large scale like taking yourself out for the day or something smaller and more intimate. every night when i’m winding down I really take time in shower to pay attention to my body and rather than rush my cleaning process i really let the water wash away the day i’ve had and relax my muscles. taking even just a few extra minutes to really relax and brush in the steam and my favorite body wash can take my mood from 0-100 in the best of ways. my favorite face mask followed by a few spritz of my holy grail rose water facial spray is just the extra icing on the cake.

these are just a few of the millions of ways you can show yourself some tlc this Valentine’s Day.

how do you show yourself some love?