the art of being productive


staying on top of life is no easy task. any one who knows me knows that just about every day of my life I am in SHAMBLES a mess. however I still manage to be super productive when I can. now honestly speaking, I am beyond myself lazy and need to takeย at leastย 2 naps a day (which I never actually have time for), but I still manage to get a fair amount of things done.

here’s just a few of the ways I manage to stay in control..



setting a timer

when I know I have a deadline and I really don’t want to be distracted I find that setting a pomodoro timer is the best thing I can do. A pomodoro timer sets around 15-25 minutes on the clock and gives a 5-10 minute break when time is up. it’s a perfect way to break up your work load so that you’re not overwhelmed. the one I use is the app Forest and it has saved me from my shambles.

Forest allows you to set the timer for however long you want and grows a cute little tree as the time goes. the beauty of Forest is that if you close the app your tree dies, so it gives you enough incentive not to touch your phone while you work. Its genius and I love seeing how many trees I have in my little forest by the end of mystery session.

keep your space inspired

for one: don’t do your homework in bed… like ever… don’t play yourself.

the best way to do work is comfortably sitting upright- preferably at a desk. keeping your area tidy and clutter free makes it much easier to comfortably do your work. I try to live a minimalist lifestyle and make sure that everything is a necessary essential and aesthetically pleasing so that when I see it I’m always in the mood to sit down and produce something great.


there’s obviously a million and four other ways to stay productive and I hope you were able to take something away from the few ways I try to manage my shambles.

atira x