Feelin’ Lush-ious

Literally 20 minutes before the store closed my roommate and I decided to stop inside of Lush and treat ourselves to some goodies and it was so worth it!

I only picked up two things but they have completely changed my skincare game. I’ve been slowly converting to using less makeup and all natural skincare products and I’m already seeing a major difference in my skin.

I picked up Let the Good Times Rollย cleanser and the Rose Lollipop lip balm.

I tend to have normal/combination skin so I've been working really hard to keep my oils at bay while also staying moisturized so I can have perfectly balanced skin. Let the Good Times Roll does a perfect job at cleansing my face and lightly exfoliating, plus it smells amazing! It has a faint popcorn scent that's the perfect combination of sweet and salty. I've been using it both morning and night and my skin has been glowing all week! After I moisturize my skin I go straight for the lips. I literally hate having dry, crusty lips so I exfoliate both morning and night and then slap on a thick layer of lip balm. This Lush formula is the G.O.A.T!


At first I wasn’t a fan of Rose Lollipop but I quickly fell in love. Once you put it on your lips it just melts into this super luxe, buttery oil and I absolutely adore it.

I’m shamelessly planning to make another run in and grab at least two more to keep around.

Atira xx