lotus necklace from Le Primitive

Lotus ft. Le Primitive

lotus necklace from Le Primitive

The Lotus flower symbolizes many things. It’s a symbol for growing out of a dark place and being reborn into beauty. The White lotuses stand to represent purity and devotion. More vibrant lotuses like red, purple, and blue can take on more spiritual meanings such as ascension and enlightenment.

Or, they could just the theme for your favorite Wale song

If you checked out my first Snapfeed then you saw a few snaps of the Broadway Market down on Broadway between Broome and Grand. As soon as we walked in I stopped at a booth called Le Primitive and I was immediately stunned!  All of their pieces are beautifully crafted and amazing quality. They’re so dainty and perfect for everyday that I literally walked away from the booth 3 times before choosing this tiny lotus charm.

I tend to gravitate towards cheap necklaces I can grab from Forever 21 or Brandy Melville which don’t usually last long. I’m glad that my first serious jewelry purchase was with such a lovely brand.

While I was there I met the woman who runs the booth and she is extremely nice. She even featured me on her Instagram page wearing my necklace.

If you’re ever in the SoHo area I definitely recommend you check this brand out. I can’t wait to shop them again!

Atira xx