Why I Always Take Really Long Showers

via tumblr

You know that shower you take at the end of the night

The one where you kind of just stand in the water

and close your eyes,

letting the steam and the streams of water wash away the day you’ve had

It’s finally that time when you don’t have to rush anything

Where you can really take the time to feel yourself

You lather up with your favorite body wash; the one that smells like a good time

and you scrub at every muscle, pressing the scent into your skin

You shave, you sing your favorite song, you dance

You give time to do nothing but feel and care for and love yourself

And it’s not always long

It can either be five minutes or even a whole hour

But it’s your time and that’s all that matters

Because this is the only time when no one demands your attention or your time

This moment is dedicated entirely to you

Which is why I always take really long showers, so that I never forget to dedicate time to me.