Why You Should Be Speaking Things Into Existence

Besides the usual “life is too short” bit, you should actively practice speaking things into existence because there’s no better time  than right now to do the things you want to do. Yes, some quests require more funds or better mental state than others to pursue but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep that same energy up.

Speaking things into the universe is a promise to you and the world that you will do great things no matter what.

Being able to verbalize your dreams and keep that positive energy up keeps you motivated to get out of bed everyday and do something amazing whether big or small.

So here’s what I’ll be speaking into existence this year

  • I will grow this blog like nobody’s business – I Will Create a Name For Myself
  • I will be recognized by amazing brands and organizations.
  • I will meet more amazing and talented creative minds
  • I will stop being afraid to do the things I’ve always dreamed of.
  • I’ll definitely declare my major cause time is ticking away.
  • I will not let my independence hinder me from seeking help when I need it.
  • I will grow with God.
  • I will build my portfolio and be recognized as a professional.
  • I’ll branch out creatively and evolve my style.
  • I will find happiness in me and not in others.