NEWLY DISCOVERED | COLORS. the music you’ve been looking for

This post should be called a favorites of some sorts but I’m not a fan of those posts. Something about posting a “Favorites” feeling like I’m being pressured to annually fall in love with things. I’m always discovering things on the inter of webs though so you can expect these every once in a while. Thus I introduce COLORS.

COLORS. on Youtube


is a Youtube channel that I didn’t know I needed until I found it. You know those Soundcloud artists that you stumble on right when they’re in between bedroom studios and fame. The ones who are incredibly talented in a chill, down to earth, how have I never heard of you before” types?

They’re all on this channel. COLORS does an amazing job of matching each artist to a colored background that compliments them more than anything. They literally attach colors to feelings!

I’ve binged through the entire channel and have weeded out my top favs for you guys.